Iteration 2 – Concepts


In Iteration 1 we had a participant flow which went through a series of calibration scenes covering different aspects of vision (e.g. Monocular vision present? Biocular vision? Depth perception?…). These scenes were originally focused on building up a calibration object which could describe the participants visual abilities, to then calibrate the “main” part of the app which would be games developed by third-parties.

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User Test 2 – Mrs. S – Alternating esotropic strabismus

Today’s second user test was, again, extremely interesting and rewarding.  Our second tester – Mrs. S – also has a similar form of strabismus to Mr. C –  alternating strabismus.  Although we are still unsure how the app should handle the more complex form of alternating strabismus (where the eye which falls to the side changes almost spontaneously) we decided to proceed after our first success.

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User Test 1 – Mr. C – Alternating esotropic strabism

Todays user test was absolutely fascinating.  During our initial tests we established that Mr C has a less common form of strabismus than most  – alternating strabismus.  This is a situation we consider “beyond our initial design specification” but we continued and were rewarded with shocking surprises and inspiring insights!

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