A cheap way to make lenses:

So this is as close as I can get to detecting the pupil with my first attempts using SimpleBlobDetection. Any obvious suggestions how to improve the parameters (which seem pretty counter intuitive and poorly documented) ?


Say hello to Eric the example Eyeball. This should help developing a simple eye tracking implementation while we get the IR light source and camera position optimised!

An OV2640 wide angle long cable camera just arrived to try out, and (on the dummy head) it seems to be able to see both eyes when placed over the bridge of the nose. Has any eye tracking system every tried to use a single wide-angle camera before?

Some Sunday morning hacking. OpenCV is surprisingly wonderful. Already have basic circle detection working, now to try developing pupil detection in a more realistic scenario.


EyeSkills got stuck trying to get stereo cams to talk to android. Different approach : individual ESP32 EYE boards doing basic pupil tracking, providing API over WiFi. Is anybody interested in helping? I have zero experience with OpenCV and ESP32!

Position one (looking at the eyes) and position two (looking under the lenses for eye tracking). Around 50g of plastic and flat pack. Much better than the original designs.


One of the amazing aspects of being a #FLOSS project is that there are _so_ many people looking at our source code. Way more than a proprietary project could dream of. And contributions are going parabolic. If you want to help #FreeCAD succeed feel free to lean in and assist 🚀

With a side piece like this, the user could actually reposition the camera assembly to look directly into the eyes. This opens up further options for assessing eye-health directly.

Thanks to a post from @FreeCADNews I took a diversion to see what a headset might look like using Stemfie parts. I will probably use some of these ideas, but not make it quite so configurable (complicated!)


Baby steps. It's looking good, but needs another tenth vertically and some spacers under the PCBs so they don't end up excessively heating the plastic by direct contact.

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