I think everybody is in the same boat. We do, however, have some degree of influence over how we approach, process, and internalise trauma, bad news, stress, and even the pandemic. It is easy to choose to be a victim, but nothing good lies that way.

the Awkward Yeti (Nick Seluk)@theawkwardyeti

In Arabic, there are 12 levels of friendship. Most of our 'friends' are level 5 or below, and many of us don't have a single level 12 friend 🤯

Here are the levels:

1. Zameel - someone you have a nodding acquaintance with


They lied to us. They gaslit NHS staff.

They handed out public money like smarties to friends and associates, while our friends died. Our colleagues died. NHS staff now face PTSD and long COVID and pay cuts.

They lied and lied and lied again🚨
If you agree, RT

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