One in twenty people don’t see straight.  Perhaps it is like that for you, or a loved one? It is for hundreds of millions of people around the world!

To use both eyes together requires a lot of brain work.  Most commonly, something stopped the brain from learning this skill during the first year of life. Learn more here about how the vision system develops!

Even as an adult, in some cases, it is possible to relearn this skill. is creating a virtual reality learning environment to help you to become your own  teacher.

Patching and surgery may both have their validity, but neither tackle the underlying cause – that your brain has not learnt to use both eyes together. Before you give up hope, why not try to give your brain a second chance to learn the eye skills it needs? You have nothing to lose.

My personal view is that Lazy Eye is almost like an auto-immune disorder – the body’s self-protection mechanism has become its own worst enemy. We need to switch it off (or turn it down) so the body’s vision system can heal itself. is working with German eye professionals, researchers and the community as a whole to produce an open-source framework and infrastructure to help us all learn better how to tackle this problem. Learn more here about our philosophy and approach!