The EyeSkills Framework is designed to ease the development of apps related to the visual system. In particular, we are interested in Amblyopia and Strabismus.

What is available for download?

The EyeSkills core framework and community development app is available under the MIT license.  Read more about why, here!

In addition to the core framework, it includes some example scenarios showing how it can be used.

You might also find an .apk you can use for android of the community version  in this folder:

What will I need to make this work?

The framework is written in Unity (which you can get here).  We recommend that you install the latest version of Unity.

You’ll also need to have (or develop) some familiarity with C# and the Unity API.

We’ll try to expand and improve the installation instructions here.

On the hardware side : this has been tested with google cardboard style viewers (we quite like the Hamswan 3D VR Viewer) and Samsung/LG and Sony smartphones. Pretty much any VR compatible phone should work (which basically means it needs an integrated gyro).

Finding affordable and reliable blue-tooth controllers has been a challenge. We currently recommend just using a cheap bluetooth keyboard.

Where is the code?

You can checkout the project with…

git clone

…and then open it as a project in Unity.

How do I use it

Some initial API documentation is here :

This only shows public methods – for now you’ll have to dig into the code a little.  More tutorials showing how the parts fit together will be coming soon.

Why have we done this?

We’ve done this so that the community interested in eye disorders can more easily explore their own visual system and experiment with the potential of new devices.

How was this possible?

This started off (and still is) an amateur project.  We are very grateful for the support of Social Impact Lab in Leipzig, and the equally wonderful PrototypeFund for helping us keep the project moving.