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These are some coarse instructions to help you get started.  Although they are for OSX it ought to be a similar process for Windows.

git clone --recurse-submodules https://gitlab.eyeskills.org/community/EyeSkillsCommunityApp.git

cd EyeSkillsCommunityApp/Assets/EyeSkills

#The following will work on OSX/Linux. You can also just grab the .zip from https://cloud.eyeskills.org/s/GziZbNNWQAoyxXr and do the following steps manually

wget -O out.zip https://cloud.eyeskills.org/s/GziZbNNWQAoyxXr/download

unzip out.zip

mv FrameworkDependencies-master FrameworkDependencies

rm out.zip

Next, open the EyeSkillsCommunityApp directory in Unity as a new project.

Open File->Build Settings… and choose “Android” as your Platform, then click “SwitchPlatform”. Then you can “Build and Run”.

You should be good to go 🙂

Here’s a cheatsheet for some of the bluetooth keyboard presses inside the different scenes : https://www.eyeskills.org/keypress-cheatsheet-for-using-eyeskills/

Would you like to beta test EyeSkills* or just follow what we are doing?