Git Fight Rules!

As you know by now, EyeSkills is hosted on BitBucket as a git repository.  Git can be pretty confusing if you haven’t had a few years experience with it, but this might help! This is a great set of “Fight Rules” for dealing with common (and not so common) situations!

Building EyeSkills in Unity

These are some coarse instructions to help you get started.  Although they are for OSX it ought to be a similar process for Windows.

git clone --recurse-submodules

cd EyeSkillsCommunityApp/Assets/EyeSkills

#The following will work on OSX/Linux. You can also just grab the .zip from and do the following steps manually

wget -O


mv FrameworkDependencies-master FrameworkDependencies


Next, open the EyeSkillsCommunityApp directory in Unity as a new project.

Open File->Build Settings… and choose “Android” as your Platform, then click “SwitchPlatform”. Then you can “Build and Run”.

You should be good to go 🙂

Here’s a cheatsheet for some of the bluetooth keyboard presses inside the different scenes :

Exploring an API for generating custom VR headset designs

Another target I’d like to accomplish is to provide an api for generating custom parameterised EyeTracktive pupil tracking headsets.

OpenSCAD can theoretically produce .stl or .png images via the cmd line, but it requires a lot of cruft to get this to work (an XServer or xvfb) – so wouldn’t it be nice if there was a pre-configured docker container?

After a little look around I found this :

Theoretically, the simplest way to handle this would be to exec/run openscad from inside the container to output a file mapped to a directory on the host accessible from the API which is part of (e.g.)

It looks, however, like I’ll have to see if I can cook up a docker file based on first.