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I’m still following the dream of a super-lightweight non-environmentally shitty, shippable by envelope headset design based on Google Cardboard. The other approaches to google cardboard that I’ve seen rely on glue or really lame tabs. It’s not stable enough to support a camera without using very thick card, and it makes self assembly irritating.

After many, many dead ends trying ideas from Katagami, all sorts of ideas with longer tabs and inserts, I’m coming back to an early idea of trying to merge all the parts into two fixation points which are held together, really securely, with just a pair of paper clips.

Normally I’d do something like this mathematically, but the GC design is really odd when it comes to decisions about where the folds and offsets are so I just decided to go with Inkscape and .svg layout. This makes positioning those slots for the paper clips a process of trial and error basically – iterating to find good positions which work well structurally and during assembly. Getting there!

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