EyeSkills Prototype for Lazy Eye – Iteration 2 – Practitioner View

A first quick look at how the second iteration of the open-source EyeSkills prototype works. This prototype is designed to test the visual abilities of a person with Lazy Eye, and evaluate the effectiveness of a few techniques which may be useful in allowing a participant to re-establish binocular vision.

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Dissecting a user test – how we improve!

Each user test is an exciting event.  Each user test throws up at least half a dozen “aha” or “why didn’t I think of that” moments, driving on and further inspiring development.  In our most recent user test (yesterday evening with Mr R) there were some obvious but useful minor improvements we could make to help practitioners, and a couple of major issues were also raised about determining what the participant is really perceiving.

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A talk about EyeSkills at the 35th CCC!

After a stressful Christmas preparing this talk, it finally happened.

Here’s an introduction to EyeSkills, what we’ve achieved, where we’re heading, and what we hope to achieve!

Perhaps the most surprising thing about the talk was the resonance it created.  We’ve had over thirty people sign up to help as volunteers, over 4 thousand views of the uploaded video, and for a couple of days we were at #7 on HackerNews.  Some people are just too kind 😀

The most interesting and important thing of all, was listening to the many people with some form of Lazy Eye share their experiences after the talk.  It’s confirming a suspicion that’s been growing for some time, that the term “Lazy Eye” is intellectually far too lazy.  There is a large amount of variety in the different symptoms individuals experience, but these seem to be clustering so strongly that it seems possible we are looking at a range of individual disorders which have their own specific differences, under the umbrella of “Lazy Eye”.  It is becoming a priority to understand these groupings, so that we can develop more effectively for each specific scenario.

Issues with git submodules

So, the EyeSkillsCommunity app has the EyeSkillsFramework as a submodule in Assets/EyeSkills/Framework.

When you first check out the submodule it is in a “detached state” which means that changes can’t be resubmitted.

The Hackaround I found is to make changes, commit them (remember the commit id) then :

git checkout master
git pull git@gitlab.eyeskills.org:community/EyeSkillsFramework.git [5......4092ef...]
git push

Aniseikonia Control

Some quick notes.  Aniseikonia is basically when one eye sees the world at a different scale to the other.

You can start the scene in EyeSkills, but you need a bluetooth keyboard attached.

The keys “awdx” are mapped to “left, up,right,down” respectively.

Press and hold either left or right for 3 seconds, then release. This will select which eye is strabismic and/or for which you want to try repositioning the world view.

If you then do a short press on left/right it will change what you look at.

Up/Down will move the object for the released eye further away or closer (making it larger or smaller).

See if you can make the two images fuse, and if so.  Let us know your experiences here : https://chat.eyeskills.org/channel/aniseikonia