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Helping people with Lazy Eye learn to use both eyes again requires a long term commitment on their part.  That shouldn’t be a drag, so I am hoping to inject a little humour through two animated characters which accompany the participant on their journey, helping to motivate people to continue.

A part of the look and feel that I am striving for is to use a Toon Shader / Cell Shader to create an Outline image similar to that shown in this short tutorial :

Unfortunately, the current release of Blender 2.8 just doesn’t work the same way.  You cannot select Backface Culling from the shader menu!

It does exist in the “solid” view as shown below, but that isn’t very useful:

In the rendering modes, the option just isn’t there anymore:

Now, you need to look inside the material you chose to be your outline, and under settings you’ll find the “Backface Culling” option.

 I hope this helps somebody!

Would you like to beta test EyeSkills* or just follow what we are doing?


  • This helped a lot! Thank you for the short and effective tutorial!

  • It does not stop it from coming out with at least 1 piece being culled. I have tried every possible option to stop the back-face culling and even the render will look just right but when trying to import to any game engine the result is the same… it will cull the items. I have tried every engine, and disabled everything related to culling, and yet it still does it. It didnt used to do this… now it will do nothing but invert at least 1 piece of the model for no reason at all when uploading to any major game engine.