Unity style/VrActivityTheme not found in AndroidManifest.xml bug?!?

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If you run into the obscure and painful problem that Unity tells you the “style/VrActivityTheme not found in AndroidManifest.xml” then fear not.  You do not need to spent half a day trying to track down the problem.  At some point you probably (temporarily) added Google’s DayDream as a supported VR Device in the Unity Player Settings, then removed it. Unfortunately, Unity didn’t fully clear up all the dependencies on DayDream, so it assumes that it still needs this VrActivityTheme (https://developers.google.com/vr/reference/vr-manifest) .  It doesn’t.  The simplest solution? Just add support for DayDream back into your player settings (that’s not a bad thing), Unity will correctly resolve the dependencies, and it will build and run once more. Sigh.

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  1. This solution didn’t work for me. Adding Daydream back in resulted in the same error. Instead, I found this to work for me:

    Remove all VR SDK’s, then uncheck the “Virtual Reality Supported” box. Build the app. If it builds successfully, re-check the VR supported box, then add whatever SDKs you wanted (in my case, Oculus and Cardboard). Built without issue after that.

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