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OpenSCAD (and my use of the wrong primitives for the dashed lines) didn’t do a great job converting lines and text in the original EyeTracktive Core design, into a format that works well for a plotter pen marking out the headset.

I just tried to manually create a better overlay in Inkscape (as a stop-gap) and ran into a few problems.

  1. Text doesn’t naturally convert to single stroke paths (obviously, if you think about it). In Inkscape Extensions->Render->Hershey Text… comes to the rescue. This creates plotter friendly text.
    1. However, it dumps this text somewhere fairly random outside the page border (on my machine at least) so you need to hunt it down.
    2. It then turns out that it uses the SVG transform element (matrix transform) to position the text you’ve just created in the correct position (as you drag-drop). This is incompatible with Cricut’s crappy DesignSpace software, which doesn’t understand transformation matrices, so it just ignores them.
    3. Solution : Ungroup each text element individually, as Inkscape seems to only wrap groups in transform matrices.

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