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Fabian 29.12.2018 – Alternating. Generally, right eye strabismic. Can alternate at will.

Don’t have suppression in the normal way – panorama vision with a suppressed central section.

Binocular Suppression Test

Sees arrows right and left, split in the middle. Can’t get both to overlap…
Sees 4.5 columns pointing left, and 3 on the right.

A zone of non-perception in the centre….

IMPROVEMENT: Need a new micro-controller with a numbered/lettered scale

Misalignment – fusion

(needed to fake the suppression ratio to have simultaneous perception – interesting)

IMPROVEMENT: Make it only horizontal motion, with looking up and down to change luminance.2-AXIS mode.
IMPROVEMENT 2: Make this a practitioner mode

With right eye strabismic, the angle was too extreme.
Trying to fix with the right eye now… He could do that.

IMPROVEMENT 3: Have option (customise for each scene) that allows the participant to see if they can see each circle simultaneously with both eyes.

Virtually real

Cyan lower right. Fades to black towards the left. (looking at
Yellow one – Yellow on the left, fades in brightness, peak on the right.

IMPROVEMENT 4: Need the bars to end precisely at the edges of the video input.

IMPROVEMENT 6: When it’s straightened, it shouldn’t jump straight back. Leave it where it is.

When Fabian left the room, he felt that he wanted to continue fixing with the right eye. On the spiral staircase, he felt insecure, so it forced it back to the left eye.

Has a fear of how it could end – wants consulting : Marco. It would be fine to have an integrated live chat once a month with a specialist.

IMPROVEMENT 5: Don’t do sport or operate heavy machinery right after a session.

Fabian says that the pressure of the headset around the eye sockets on the skull also creates a dizziness.

When he moves his head around and the image is lagging in virtually real, the colourful bars tend to complete. There is a connection to (MST)? – might it be suppressing the suppression because of the head/sense movement.

INSIGHT : Moving head to the right… sees the full cyan bar at the bottom. Moving head to the left, only a partial bar. Couldn’t see the yellow because of the room brightness. Could this be related to attention processing- moving the head right implies the eye needs to be preferred, and vice versa, which influences the balance of suppression. Talk to Eric and Julia about this.

IMPROVEMENT 7: Need to replace yellow with something not obscured by lighting conditions in the subject room (i.e. yellow lights).


Now fixing with right eye again.
Had to manually boost signal to left eye, otherwise he couldn’t see it in the misalignment scene. Interestingly. (panorama vision not working in that circumstances, it enters the dead-zone in the middle?)

EYE STRAIGHTENING – Starting out way more in the “middle”….

IMPROVEMENT 8: Could we wrap one way mirror around shell, so we can look in but not out….

Now has both bars full…. Unless he looks down at the bar, then it disappears…(?!?!?!?)
He needs to focus on the central image.

When he looks down at his black trousers, he only has the right side of the cyan bar, and the left side of the left bar. It’s almost as if he needs a higher total luminance or more image to overcome suppression.
When looking at pure white, both bars full…..
Also… It was CONFUSING when the right eye was too dark to see because of our faking the ratio. In fact, it was a double …. then when it was straightened, and then balanced out the suppression, that was EASIER for him to see.

Fabian : Taking off the headset and glasses, both eyes appeared to be perfectly straight. He then blinked and rubbed his eyes, and the right eye fell outwards. When I said “nooooooo, you had them straight” it actually pulled back in. By the time I had the camera ready and took a video, it had gone back. Fabian says the problem was that I put the phone in front of his face, and he tried to focus it, at which point the suppression kicked in.

Mentioned that the feeling he had when he took off the headset had been experienced once before – in the U.S. on the Amazing Spiderman ride at Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando. That happened at the end of the 3D ride when the arm of Dr. Octopus swung outwards across the screen and for just a moment, he felt something he couldn’t place.
That ties into our ideas about designing subconscious “attention”.

After this-  I tried the same “rapid alternation” trick I discovered with Mr C – and it worked even more effectively.  Fabian was able to hold straightened eyes for tens of seconds and even verge with both eyes to follow my finger as I moved it closer and further away from his face.  Have video footage.

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