How should we keep EyeSkills alive?

EyeSkills is already a complex piece of software, with many thousands of hours poured into its design, execution and testing.  So far, most of these costs have been met privately – after all, this started out as a project to help my son.  In the past six months we have received generous funding from the prototype fund which regards EyeSkills as one of its “lighthouse projects, amongst the most visionary and well executed project we have had”.

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EyeSkills at Bionection 2018!

For the next two days I’ll be in Dresden, promoting EyeSkills at Bionection.

Our presentation will be in Panel 4 (Smart Medical Devices) alongside some very interesting other speakers (


Git Fight Rules!

As you know by now, EyeSkills is hosted on BitBucket as a git repository.  Git can be pretty confusing if you haven’t had a few years experience with it, but this might help! This is a great set of “Fight Rules” for dealing with common (and not so common) situations!

Future enhancements to eye straightening scenes

What we won’t manage in this iteration are further extensions to the eye straightening environments.

*) We then need to start pushing the visual system to improve coordination with the eyes, so we begin a random continual displacement of the fused scene, to force the eyes to maintain fusion whilst simultaneously tracking the scene in view.
*) After this, we start altering the perceived distance of the scene (scaling)…
*) and introduce instabilities in each eye (almost imperceptible loses of signal which increase in length and frequency) to get the mind used to dealing with instability.

I look forward to implementing all of these!